Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fancy Dancy Block Holder Thingy

Helen has put up the next instalment of the mystery quilt so that is what I shall be working on this afternoon, (pictures later).  When reading the instructions she mentions using a Clover Sandpaper board which I don't have.  Hmm I do have some sandpaper though, bit of crafty thinking popping up here, so off I go to make my own.  Not happy with just some sandpaper on a board - I thought – heck I am a crafter I need this to look pretty LOL so grabbed some glue and got gluing.  So here is my Fancy Dancy Block Holder Thingy I made this morning to put my wee pieces on to hold them in place whilst marking the diagonal lines.  Front has the sandpaper with a pretty embellishment framing it and the back has some funky material I have with some more ribbon LOL  ahhhh much happier now……….

 SANY0316 SANY0317


  1. You clever duck you...LOL
    Cath Ü

  2. very crafty girl!! Well done looks great... Bet it works great too! :o))

    Sharon 2

  3. well done clever bum....
    cheers Vickie

  4. Well done Sharon. Mine is just a piece of sandpaper on one side of a piece of board. Not nearly as funky as yours. Maybe I should dress it up a bit?
    Jenny F

  5. Well aren't you a clever cookie!! I love the fabric too!

  6. 'Smarty Pants' .... now that is my friend !!! ... igenious ... and very innovative thinking here !!!
    Much-much nicer I agree when working with 'stuff' that's personalized ... and suit your own 'sensibilities'!!!
    Although really beautiful it still looks the business!
    You must send her an email... and show her what you did! LOL