Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pics of Xmas Swap “stuff”

Well Christmas has come and gone again, I opened all my parcels in the advent swap I was a part of – was a fantastic swap and I had a great partner, it was lovely to open a parcel every day from 1 December through to Christmas Day…. so here are some of the swap items.

This is a Jill Maas pattern, Little Christmas Caroller which I made for my partner….

SANY0105 SANY0101 SANY0104

This is a bag I made for my partner as well – also lots of things like magazines and doll supplies – and of course chocolates were sent…


Here is a wee doll and pin from my friend Cath Walker from Cathron Country Designs the wee pin is soo tiny I don't know how she managed to a paint the wee face on it….. and the painting on the wooden tags is just gorgeous, I only wish I could paint like that. I am going to have to take another picture of the wee dolls and will try to do that in the next few days – now I have them up in my craft room.


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  1. Cute and very definately a Cath design...lucky you...hugs Khris