Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doll Club day out

Today was our monthly day out, none of us had much show and tell this time things have been a bit slow on the crafting front but we still had a good day – lots of talking and eating and drinking of coffee and tea LOL.. I took my crochet along, one of the ladies brought some knitting and the other ladies were making teddy bears so a real mixture this time.

This is the bottom of my bag, nearly there to start going up to make the sides so can hardly wait to see how its going to look


Here are some bears Elaina (sorry not sure how to spell this) has made, she is a fantastic bear maker and honestly they feel real in your hand when you pick them up, they are just weighted beautifully

SANY0473 (Medium)


Here's one that was being made on the day and Rose nearly got it finished but didn't have the right size eyes with her to do the face.



  1. Still crocheting I see.. and the bears look great... I especially like the colour of the one that isn't finished... in the last pic..and the wee blue one
    Tell the dolly club girls...well done...
    Cath Ü

  2. Those teddy bears are so cute Sharon. I used to make stuffed teddies.
    The crochet is coming along nicely!
    hugs Karen

  3. ooo those colours!! YUMMMMMM!!!!
    Thats gonna make a fabulous bag, yes they do come out quite roomy, plenty of room to stash yarn and projects in!
    Thanks for sharing