Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday and I have some pictures to post

Well its Saturday evening here now, cleaned up my house this morning and then felt a bit “off” for the rest of the afternoon so just lolled about reading some of the wonderful blogs out there.  Just made myself a lovely pumpkin quiche and had it with scotch fillet steak – so needless to say I am feeling a whole lot better hehe…..

Yum isn't this so yummy….tastes sooo good




I went to the Spotlight sale last week as well and picked up some nice material (must take a piccie of that) and also got some nice upholstery fabric which was reduced from 26.00 a metre to 6.40….. how could I go past it – IT WAS GREEN AND PURPLE……….it called to me and called to me so home it came and I made a couple of couch covers out of it – well just couch throws LOL covers sounds a bit fancy dancy, and also a matching fabric which I made some pillow cases from .


I have been following a blog recently called Attic24 it is the most colourful and cheerful blog and I try and visit it every day, I fell in love with her gorgeous crocheted blankets and bags so decided to give it a whirl and teach myself to crochet.

Here is the first effort, pretty sad as I couldn't get my tension correct, but now I have taken my hook (whoops nearly said needle) size down a tad or two and things are shaping up much better.  The wee round one is my better effort and is the one I will be continuing with, sorry the pic is a bit blurry but will take a better one tomorrow to show progress on it, I love the colours so bright and cheerful……The middle of that wee circle is lime green and its awesome then bright pink then purple and then orange hehe doesn't show up so good in this pic but I promise its bright.





  1. hmm pumpkin quiche now that sounds interesting.
    Wow you really are expanding your crafty adventures great too see...
    crochet is fun and once you get the hang of it you can do it with your eyes closed, Cheers

  2. Pumpkin quiche - send some for me please Vickie LOL
    Great job with the crochet - your talent knows no bounds :) Cheers

  3. Pumpkin quiche....crochet....what's next....first quilter to the moon??? lol Is there nothing you don't try and it comes out bloody stunning? How come my first attempts aren't as good as yours? Great work girl. Hugs Naomi

  4. The crocheting is coming along terrificly...... you are good at everythng.....the couch looks much nicer covered with the cushions and tea looked yummy....
    Cath Ü