Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi Hello I am back

Hello here I am again, sorry have had so much going on in the “real” world that my poor crafting has taken a back seat a wee bit. BUT had doll club yesterday so managed to take the quilt with me and did some stitching. I stitched in the ditch all around and then had a go at stippling it……….EEEKKK. I sat there with it all ready to go for quite a while as the fear of mucking it up was very real LOL….then I just thought what the heck lets just go for it…….
Well it was fun and although I am not finished I am reasonably happy with my effort so far for a first go so below are some pictures from doll club and of the quilt.
My lovely friend from down the road having her picture taken LOL
Some of the girls getting sorted
SANY0424Me just finishing of the ditch stitching
Me saying take the camera away LOL…




  1. Bloody great pics girl!! That quilts gonna look the piece when done :o)) Great job!!

    Sharon 2

  2. Way to go with the stippling. I am still too chicken to try. One Khris

  3. absolutely fantabulous Sharon, Ik new you coul ddo it...and what an excellent job you are doing...great work,cheers

  4. Woohoo way to go Sharon. Nothing like just getting in there and doing it - brilliantly I might add. Well done. We have you hooked :)
    Jenny F

  5. Great job Sharon! It is good to do your own quilting as it is then all your own work (signature so to speak). It looks a lovely quilt! Regards, Nessie

  6. You are doing a fantastic job on that quilt... not bad for a non quilter hey...????
    Cath Ü

  7. Looking good Sharon!! The throat on that machine is lots bigger than my machine. Is that your neightbor's machine or yours? If you are getting touse one with an even bigger throat than Woohoo!!!!
    hugs Karen

  8. Wow Wow Wow, I can't wait to receive the finished product Aunty Sharon! Just kidding, you're doing such a brilliant job hun. I've decided you must've been a quilter in a previous life, coz you've taken to stippling/quilting like a duck to water....YOU GO GIRL. Hugs Naomi