Friday, February 6, 2009

First Border on Mystery Quilt

I have got the first border on the quilt today, so now just waiting for the next bit, this has been a lot of fun and I think my quilt is looking quite nice so far.  I have Doll Club tomorrow so will take it along for “show and tell”… hope the girls like it.  Will be interesting to see what the girls have been up to over xmas as we have not met for two months now, will be taking the camera so fingers crossed will have a heap of pictures to share with you all tomorrow evening.  (by the way it really is not wavy its hanging of the design wall again, was the easiest way to take a picture)



  1. it is looking fantasric...... I forgot to get your email addy so will have to wait until you anwer this...LOL

    Cath U

  2. OOPS using laptop and no mouse...can't spell either by the look of it...LOL
    cath U

  3. Love your folded wee blocks, what fun they would be for a baby quilt!

  4. Hey Sharon...I have nominated you for an award...please pop over to my blog to see why..hugs Khris