Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mystery Quilt Top Nearly Finished

Phew I have had a slow start this week, had to have a tooth out on Monday after suffering through my birthday last weekend.  I have to say the aftermath of having the tooth out was much worse than the initial toothache….   Mind you it had to be bad to send me scurrying off to a Dentist, I have never forgotten the old time drill machine we used to have at school years ago, maybe that’s why my generation are so terrified of Dentists……  BUT I was determined to get on and keep up with the mystery quilt this weekend so have sewed all afternoon and have finished the top ready for the Borders which I understand will be the next step in this quilting process.  
I have learnt soo much these past few weeks from doing this step by step quilt – I now understand about using a pin for placement to get the seams to match up and also how to get perfect points (well nearly perfect LOL) still think I have done ok for my first try…….  So I would like to thank Helen for being generous enough to give this away and to give us newbie's step by step instructions to get us started in this quilting lark ………..Soo without further ado here is my quilt top – it is not wavy by the way – I hung it on my “design wall” to take the picture and only pinned it at the top, also the colours really pop out at you, I have taken this late afternoon and the light is not soo good.


  1. You have done a lovely job putting the quilt top together. Nice colours too!! Regards,

  2. Way to go Sharon...looks great. You should be very hapyp with it. Hugs Khris

  3. Well done Sharon. You are doing brilliantly :)
    Hugs Jenny F

  4. Brilliant Sharon!! What a great job you have done.

  5. Looks great Sharon and all the fabrics look really great together! Are you sure you haven't quilted before!! LOL
    hugs Karen

  6. yeehaaah Sharon -fabulous colours what a terrific job you have done,the colours sure shoot well, great going girl,
    cheers Vickie

  7. You little quilter you...LOL brilliant girl.. I love it....
    Cath U

  8. The colours in this creation are just amazing. Well done. It is looking gorgeous!

  9. Wow! Your quilt is really quite beautiful....

  10. Wow Sharon! I'm soo impressed - and you said you couldn't do patchwork. It's fabulous!