Sunday, April 26, 2009

FINALLY the quilt is finished

I finally found some time this weekend and sat up late last night and hand sewed all the binding onto the quilt. Pheww what a learning experience this has been – but I have enjoyed it and am quite proud of my first quilt mistakes and all LOL……. I stippled it all over as well which took me a lot of time as I learnt as I went, cant wait to wash it now and get it all soft and ready to use for the winter to cuddle under.

I had a heck of a time getting these pictures so excuse the rough piccies, my clothes line isn't high enough so had to peg it over a couple of lines and its too dark inside to take any of it, but anyways you get the idea.

Its not wavy at all in the border and binding just the way its hanging on the line – promise LOL


  1. Sharon... you have done a wonderful job... Way better then I could of.....
    Ronnie is at the door saying... morning Sharon you little hottie you.... LOL
    Cath Ü

  2. It turned out great Sharon! Very nice.

  3. Thanks girls, its in the wash now so hope it comes out all snuggly

  4. well jump around girl and doo happy dance and reach around and give yourself a humongous pat on the back excellent job well done..cheers Vickie

  5. It looks even better complete than it did in the blow by blow pics hun. Well done. Hugs Naomi

  6. AWESOME work it...hugs Khris

  7. Sharon!
    Your quilt is stunning! I can see your quilting and it is beautiful! beautiful job!

  8. Wahoo... well done girl.. looks bloody gorgeous!!! So whens the next one?

    Sharon 2

  9. Sharon!!! It turned out fabulous!! Love the stippling. You did a really wonderful job for your first quilt! You are a natural!
    hugs Karen

  10. Wonderful work Sharon. I am very proud of you :) Very well done indeed.
    Big hugs
    Jenny F