Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Next installment of face pictures

Hello again, well I managed to get a wee bit more done of the doll face, I have just started one eye so you can see the difference adding a bit here and there makes. Now in showing this process - things happen and this face may not work out yet - as often happens, of course this will be just my luck to happen when I decide to show how I do them......... of course LOL..... I have two more which I will stuff and start as well so fingers crossed one of em will work out. This one has very oversize eyes but with hair etc and a small body this can make a bit of a statement, (well that's just my opinion and of course I am covering my bum in case it goes wrong he he)

Anyways this next picture shows the start of putting a bit of extra oomph on to the eye area, I am never finished until its finished I can change things all the time and colours until I am happier with it, although a lot of times I am not happy with the finished product as most doll makers would attest, we are all our own worst critics.

In this picture below you can see more black has been added to the eye and the iris and some shading under the eye

Next one below, I have added some wispy eyelashes (I hate doing eyelashes and most times don't do them on dolls, certainly not on the upper eye, usually just do a very dark thick eyeliner effect, but every now and again I attempt bottom lashes)

And just a closer look at the eye, my gosh really putting myself out here Eeek LOL anyways gives a good look at the penciled in eyes and mouth as well, I also struggle with mouths so we shall see how this one goes. This face also has to have shading done as well and of course both eyes need to be done so as soon as I have more time I will continue on and take more pictures, hopefully with the other two faces as well.


  1. Oh my Grandma, what big eyes you have! Sorry, I couldn't resist, lol Thanks for sharing all this, it'll help idiots out like me! Hugs Naomi

  2. Hey! You can make the eyes any size you want! The bigger, the easier it is to see what you are doing and all the subtle shading in the irises and such! Great job Sharon!!
    hugs Karen

  3. Hi Sharon
    Thanks for the great tutorial. Faces are my biggest problem and you make it look so easy. Would you mind telling us what kind of pencils etc you use, thanks.
    Cheers .... Anne

  4. Hey girl... nothing wrong with that face... going to be a stunner!! If your still not happy when your done you know may addy ;o)) LOL

    Sharon 2

  5. Looks fantastic... told you it was a tut...LOL
    Cath Ü