Friday, May 1, 2009

Smal Update no pics

Just sending this by email, so convenient to be able to do this on the fly, well lets hope so when this hits the blog.

Just finished stuffing the other two faces which I will take to my doll club tomorrow and carry on with the faces, so there should be quite a lot of pictures to go up on Sunday ( all going well)

Now just another tip I thought of to tell you all as I was stuffing these flat heads. The trick to getting a nice smooth finish on the edges is to spritz them with water as you stuff them - (because I had drawn the face on already I just spritzed the back of the head and not the front) you can even run an iron (hot of course) over the seam line to help dry it if you want and this then contracts the cotton back on the stuffing. Before doing that take your sewing needle and pop it into the face just a wee bit from the seam and then pull the stuffing forward with your needle until its all nicely sitting in the chin or face edge. - you can do this from the back, although if you make little holes in the cotton with your needle doing this, just run your fingernail over the wee hole and it will disapear- Last tip, DONT over stuff these flat heads they just need enough to fill them out not make them hard as rocks........I roll them with my hand as well once stuffed to distrubute the stuffing about and get them all nicely shaped.

Hope these tips help someone............

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