Friday, May 15, 2009

What got started last weekend

Well sorry girls, no doll face updates so far, have a sewing job I need to concentrate on for the next wee bit, a bit of pressure to get this done as a gift so am winging another quilt LOL.... nearly got the top finished just need to get the final borders on this weekend and then backing and wadding - phew...........fingers crossed I can get it to that stage so I can start the quilting as that takes me a bit of time indeed. Above is the progress so far.


  1. hey the purple and green looks pretty snazzy...hugs Khris

  2. Oh wow, what a shock....Sharon having to whizz something together and it looking know you really should make an ocassional stuff I can believe you're human and not a craftwork genius! lmao Hugs Nomie xx

  3. Sharon,
    this quilt is's hoping that you did get it finished on your timetable....cannot wait to see the final pics....BEAUTIFUL!