Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holiday Nearly Over

Well its been a while since I updated again.......(promise to be better this year and will update regularly) Have had heaps going on in the past month and just have really enjoyed kicking back and resting. Back to work tomorrow and I dont know where the time has gone, it has just flown by and of course I have not done all the things that I wanted - BUT - I have had a very restful time and thats good for the soul.

I have been crafting in the past couple of weeks and have made a couple of recycled bags and some pincushions which has been great fun -------- so heres the pics .........

Click on the pictures for the larger view - I have put them in smaller so they load quicker I hope.

On this bag the applique was made from a picture drawn by Cath Walker of


  1. Love your bags and pin cushions and I can't wait to see your chair finished.I love its shape. Happy New Year

  2. I'm a sucker for pin cushions. Where did you get your patterns? Thanks.
    Judy from Mesa, AZ

  3. LOL no pattern for these, just making them as I go, actually have a few more to pop up and show this weekend..........

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  5. Love your bags. They are so fun!
    I also adore pincushions. your are really cute.

  6. Sharon
    I read this post before and forgot about your pin cushions, they are soo cute! and did you finish the chair???


  7. Love the pin cushions and you know what bag I love... the Raggedy one.. gorgeous... LOL
    Cath Ü

  8. I love love love your denim bags. I too made something like them last weekend.
    I love the idea of using the whole skirt and the ribbon around the belt part is great !!!!