Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally an UPDATE on the blog - Warning Picture Heavy LOL

Hi everyone, yes finally an update to the blog its been a while, been busy at work of course really really busy the past few months and basically have been coming home and hitting the zzzzzzzzz's.    BUT in amongst that I have been busy sewing but unfortunately have not been able to show what I was working on until today.

I belong to an online email group called CRAFT which has become an amazing bunch of friends from all over the world and as time goes on we are all getting opportunities to meet each other which is amazing.  We have built some wonderful friendships in this group and the owner of the group is fantastic (and of course the moderators  hehe )     

The girls decided we needed to show Khris our appreciation for all that she does and so a quilt was born LOL.......  I decided on a heart pattern that would work and sent it out to all the girls as a template so they could make a heart and send back to me to make up.  Some were unable to make a heart so contributed some money to me to enable me to purchase some Frolic fabric for the quilt.  (thanks girls)

Khris got her quilt yesterday so now I am going to show the in progress pics and the completed quilt - PLUS a fantastic bag that Pam made of the same fabric which is just incredible, I really wanted to keep it for myself.   Ok here we go lots of pictures 

Lovely Frolic fabric we brought and of course in the second picture the obligatory owl fabric LOL (for those that know Khris well)

Some of the hearts on their backgrounds awaiting borders etc, I tried to match each heart up with an appropriate fabric to make the most of each hearts colors etc 
 Ahhh heres Khris herself waiting to get her heels on LOL

Some hearts with borders on the design wall while I was pondering what to do next for the middle panel, I ended up designing this as I went basically to fit hearts and "Khris" into the middle  and also to get the colors right for each block 
 Woohoo nearly there on the top, starting to get into shape now and Khris has her heels

 Middle panel sorted took me a while to decide how best to break this up
 A flimsy all ready to go...... waiting for backing and quilting - nice owl fabric borders

 Some of the quilting up a bit closer - quilt is crinkly its been through the washing machine and dryer with my heart pounding the whole time too scared to open the washing machine   EEEEEK
 Another close up of the quilting and middle

 Gorgeous bag that Pam made its fantastic and the zip well I really need to make a bag with a zip like this its perfectly done
 Seee perfect zip I love it

Khris with her bag


 Which needs a good press after being in the dryer and in the post...... LOL


  1. WOW!!!! What a beautiful story ending in a gorgeous, STUNNING quilt!!! the BEST HEART quilt for a woman with the BIGGEST HEART! Sharon, you are SOME KIND OF ARTIST! You are AWESOME TALENTED!!!

    love you


  2. Okay, I had to come back here and sing praises of the ladies who contributed those wonderful heart blocks...this group is chocked full of talent! GREAT GOING GIRLS! we ROCKED it!!! we LOVE you KHRIS!!!


  3. Well I cannot thank you all more. This is one FANTASTIC quilt and bag from some FANTASTIC FRIENDS. I was totally gobsmacked and in tears reading my lovely note from you and will treasure this quilt forever...thank you, to you and all the girls for you amazing efforts...and for also being so sneaky as I didn't have an inkling of what has been going on for the past few are cheeky devils...but geez I love ya all.
    Hugs and kisses, Khris

  4. Thanks for sharing your quilt journey with us Sharon. It turned out sooooo special. You the best!

  5. Sharon, Pam and All the ladies you have done so well...I am amazed how fantastic the quilt turned out Sharon...and Pam that Bag is just gorgeous...all for a well deserved woman...hugs to all.
    we all do love you Khristina...

  6. Well Done Sharon and Pam! Sharon the 'diva' Khris is so well done and the quilt looks really great and the quilting is fabulous. Khris looks very happy with it too!!
    Thanks again for all your hard work on putting a most wonderful quilt together for Khris!
    hugs Karen

  7. Thank you so much Sharon for all your hard work in putting the quilt together - it's beautiful!! And what a perfect accompaniment the bag is!!
    Thanks everyone for letting me be a part of this gift for our special friend Khris.

  8. That's so great being able to see the story of how the quilt progressed, well done on a fantastic job Sharon and to Pam for being so clever and making a special bag for the quilt, it all came together so perfectly.

  9. You are amazing to get all that done!!! Thank you!!

  10. Shar,
    Your updates are just like mine...outdated...hahahahaha
    What an amazing quilt you gorls made for Khris! Tha'ts true friendship!