Sunday, June 12, 2011

Attempted a drawing

Was a cold and rainy day here yesterday so sat down in the lounge with my pencils and started a drawing, I would  like to learn how to paint properly so am going to start sketching stuff into a book, but this I had just grabbed a lined page and started sketching, not great but better than I expected LOL


  1. I just love your drawings! You give them gals so much character! Awesome!


  2. Great drawing Sharon! Your eyes are fantastic!!
    hugs Karen

  3. Sharon I just love her she is just gorgeous Her eyes actually touch at the very heart of all of my emotions !! WOW!!
    I wanted to say I looove you new sculpts too I am very anxious to see them completed too !! You are soooo very talented in all of the arts!! You amaze me Sharon!! I love your work !!!!!