Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Project

Well its been a few weeks again cripes got to get with the programme, mind have been working hard since getting back from Australia (in my full time job) so not much crafting time at all.  Today I decided to have a go at a horse tutorial that my friend Sharon2 is giving away for free on her blog.   Sharon is a master needlefelter so not sure how I will go with this LOL Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek... but am giving it a go JUST FOR HER here are some progress pics, must say that as I said to her Hell will need to freeze over before I will sew this again hehe.

All sewn up ready to stuff OMG the size of those legs are tiny

and here he/she is the headless stuffed horse, unicorn or whatever LOL


  1. well aren't you doing well!!... still have to stuff mine LOL
    Sharon 2

  2. Ohhh looks so good already, I wish I had the time to make one along with you girls, especially to learn the felting part.
    Hugs, Diana

  3. looking good so far Sharon. Hugs, Jeanette

  4. Looks good!! So yours is about 6 inches tall?? I think the second pattern I printed out will do a lot better!
    hugs Karen

  5. Wow, that looks very difficult to me. I would never tackle such a thing. Look wonderful Sharon. Cannot wait to see the finished project.

  6. No, your unicorn is looking very well done! Thanks for showing us your progress!