Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rough Weekend

Well what a weekend after coming back from Hot Australia - we have had weather sooo cold its unbelievable when we had early spring before I went.  We had a really bad storm on Friday night and the power went out and the winds were incredible really scary.  Got up on Saturday morning to quite a lot of devastation with our old three bay shed demilished basically by the wind and the worst thing the iron from the roof had attacked my car so the roof is all dented and the monsoon on the drivers side has been ripped off and shattered not to mention the pile of scratchs etc all along the drivers side of the vehicle.......... eeeeeeeeek   Mind we have been looking after a wee lamb who was out in the other sideof the shed so was more worried about that poor wee thing, BUT all was well and that area was well protected and she was fine.......

Hubby feeding the wee lamb



  1. Except for that cutie pie Barby the rest is devastating, really hope the insurance will cover it all for you, heck the car sure is a mess.
    Hugs from Bargara

  2. What a cutie! She was probably scared half to death! And your poor car!

  3. My oh my you really had a bad one there. But oh isn't Barbie a cutie pie?

  4. Oh Sharon that looks terrible. Glad to know you are ok. That isn't BBQ the lamb is it. :) So cute the lamb. Hugs, Jeanette

  5. Ohh! the lambykins is sooo cute! I really miss the little lambs from next pasture but they were all becoming coyote meals!
    Your car looks awful. At least you can still drive it. Hope it is all covered by insurance.
    hugs Karen