Sunday, October 11, 2009

Immm Back and got heaps of posts to make

Imm back from an awesome trip to Australia, well actually been back a week but just too tired with being back at work etc to post until now - firstly I want to show a quilt I made that hasnt made it to the blog before, and also a couple of owls I made as well.


Now some pics of the girls - we had a ball and did some shopping and learnt how to crochet and generally yakked our heads off thats for sure.  Some of the pics I have pinched of the girls as I didnt take as many as I thought - mind you there were plenty being taken.  I need to take some more pics during the week of my secret sister gift from Anita which is now hanging in my Craft Room.

Khris and Naomi

Anita Helena and Diana

My bed below - It was a waterbed wooohoooo
Lounge area

Jeanette and Helena outside our cabin

Helena pretending to sew right at the end of our weekend LOL

In the pool - what a relief for my poor swollen legs in the heat I could have lived in there

Me, Khris and Diana

Girls working (sort of)

Getting ready to shop

Shopping hehe



  1. We had soooooo much fun didnt we. It really was fun meeting you for real and spending time together..cant wait for the next time...and I LOVE MY OWL...hugs Khris

  2. I'm so in next time!! You girls had too much fun eh ... Love that quilt and those owls are just perfect lucky Khris and Naomi :o)

    Sharon 2

  3. Lovely pics of the retreat Sharon, very envious... love your owls and quilt...
    What a lot of devestation for you with the storm but so glad that cute lamb is ok... bah, bah

  4. It was so great meeting you in person hon, we sure did have a great time despite the weather,fantastic job on the quilt and the owls, love your work.
    Hugs Diana

  5. Great pictures. Everytime I see another set, I get more jealous. Whaaaa! Sigh, maybe next time.

  6. Aunty Sharon...thank you so much for my lovely owl....and thank you for being you. It was great to meet you and have a 'smokin' buddy! Can't wait to meet S2 next year and we can have just as much fun as we all had this year. Sorry you have had such crap go on (storm) since you got back. Fingers crossed with the insurance agency. hugs Naomi