Saturday, January 15, 2011

A little tour of my outside area

I decided today to give you all a glimpse of our outside area around the house, we live on 1 acre approx 12 Kilometres outside a town, but very handy as we have a dairy on the corner of our road, and also a garage, plus its only 10mins drive tops to work so I get to come home for lunch each day.  We have no neighbours either side just paddocks and nothing out the front of us apart from the road and then down to a stream so its very quiet and peaceful here.  We have large hedges to the front and down the driveway which we planted a few years ago, so we are totally private and cant be seen from the road. 

Right I am taking you on a walk around the grounds LOL
This is to the left of my house coming around from the back door (we only use the back door)

Just around the corner from there coming to my front window - the wee fence you see there is our inner area which leads out to the rest of the section - we can close it off if necessary 
 same view from the side of the front of the house about to walk through the wee opening to the right
 View from the gate opening to the edge of our frontage, where that large hedge is which has thousands of birds in it at the moment, as you walk over towards there - there is such a flurry of birds its quite amazing
 View to the left where up against the fence is our driveway - as you can see its very very dry here at the moment we are normally very green even in the summer
 Front taken from the left going around the section basically I am doing a semi circle walk around outside in the tree area
 going down to the right hand side of the property all the trees you see to the right here are out inner border of trees next to the house
 Another view walking to the other side of the property
 View down the length of the right hand side from the front

 Looking back from my back area out to the front hedge again - to the right there my husband has what I call the trifods, which is a huge pumpkin patch
 Looking from the back of our property down the driveway out to the road
 This is our fallen over plum tree, it fell over in high winds a few years ago and is a very old tree, by the summer of that year it had kept growing but with a sort of underpass under it and the roots all up in the air, so we decided to leave it as a feature and hubby will make a small garden around it, plus we get heaps of plums off it usually
So I hope you enjoyed the wee tour around the property, nice to get some insights into where people live etc methinks


  1. Wow...What a beautiful landscape for you to view! Sharon, it is absolutely gorgeous there!

    Pam....cannot wait to visit

  2. Oh thank you for the tour Sharon. Love, love to see the gorgeous spot of your world. You are one of the lucky ones for sure. As I listen to my city noise, I am imagining your view and how many stars you must see at night.

  3. Well Petes been skiting on about his pumpkins... cant see any of 'em so reckon its a figment!!

    byeee Marion

  4. Fantastic to have such a lovely big area to live in....I miss my old place like that...hugs Khris

  5. Gorgeous grounds Sharon!! Makes the work on the house worth it to stay here hey!
    hugs Karen

  6. When can I come visit!!!, it looks so peaceful, oh and by the way we seem to have had your share of the rain this summer but will be happy to share with you from here on, lol. Great pics loved the tour, thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful! We have an acre, too, but neighbors both sides and front, so it's still not enough land!

  8. Sharon it looks so relaxing and conducive with being creative no doubt, you only have to look out the window to be inspired...thank you for sharing your piece of the world...

  9. I see the pumpkins! Pete would laugh his heart out if he saw my pumpkin patch LOL
    Sharon 2

  10. Sharon, it's absolutely Gorgeous! Thanks for giving us a tour of the grounds, now let me know when you're up for a visit:)