Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting ready for fishing/camping trip

Thought I had better get some pics up finally LOL.......... grabbed a few of the guys getting ready to go on their fishing camping trip today.  They are heading to the beach for 4 days or so, hope they catch some fish, the weather is perfect here and very hot.  Unfortunately I have to head back to work tomorrow so Pete will take some pics at the beach.

Dan and Danielle
Pete and Danielle     
Dog and her friend LOL

Discussing the fishing strategy I think LOL LOL


  1. Oh it looks like you are having a FAB time Sharon. Must be, we haven't heard much from you lately. Too bad work is on the horizon.

  2. I'm jealous of them! I know you'll miss them, but looks like you have a couple quiet days ahead and that can be nice too.

  3. Must be great having them back... bet you'll enjoy a relax before its all on again! Did they take Moz with them?... if they didn't I bet she'll drive you nuts till they return LOL
    Sharon 2

  4. Everyone looks happy and comfortable there just chilling out!

    love the outdoor rustic table and chairs...just awesome..


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