Sunday, February 6, 2011

More outside work done today

Phew more outside work done today only 2 weeks till hubbies son and his partner come for a  holiday YIPEEE cant wait, but we are doing a wee tidy up which is long overdue around here.  This old house needs a lot more done to it but we do it in small chunks as we can. - It  had been pretty neglected for many years and was rented out so its an ongoing mission .    Here is the work done today..............  not fantastic but for now it will be ok.....this area is where we will put the deck and the french doors out -  in the below pic where the double window is (dining room) - french doors there ....but cant afford to do the deck as yet - I have the french doors though in the shed ready to go....but this will tidy it up a bit for now, sorry plants are a bit yuk but don't have any soil to repot them for now just placed them to tidy up a bit  in the interim until we can get a trailer load of mix to repot some of the plants we have floating around the place.
and yep I know got to repaint the bloody windows outside again..........that can wait until the craft studio is painted then onto the repaint touch ups of the windows  - have a heap of before pics to put up one day once the Craft Studio is finished on the outside.


  1. You and Pete are doing a fantastic job...We'll be wondering if we got the right house next visit! hey the plants look good to me! You should see our at the present...
    Kids will be right at home and wont be wanting to leave LOL
    Sharon 2