Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holiday pics from Australia

Hello everyone who might still be reading this LOL - anyways have been on holiday in Australia with the CRAFT girls and have a heap of pics to share of our fantastic time.  I miss them so much already they are like sisters and we have the best time together, its like we have known each other all our lives.   I spent the first night in Australia with Dan and Danielle and had a fantastic time and then off to meet the girls and head to Mt Alford for a few days, then to an apartment for an night and then off to Diana's for the rest of the trip, was wonderful.  So here are a heap of pics of the trip hope they don't take too long to download.

 kitchen and dining

 bedroom and ensuite

Amanda, Sharon3
 Amanda and Khris
 Anita and Khris shopping
 Girls with the big girls panties LOL we had a game where we all had to get in two teams and each one had to put the panties on and off and the winner was the one that got it done first
 Diana, Amanda and Khris
 Diana working on her quilt top
 Diana, Me and Khris
 The girls eating (again)
 shopping at bargain box
 shopping again LOL
 Me, Diana and Amanda hard at work
 Amanda giving Helena a head massage with a thing that looked like a medieval torture thing, but boy was it fantastic, if anyone knows where to get one I want one.
Anita and Lynda
Girls with their sewing

Not sure what Diana was doing here LOL

Anita, lois and Khris
 Sharon and Khris in Bargara
 Me taking pics LOL
 The two sharons and Amanda and Lois
Girls eating again
 Our lounge in the apartment we had for one nigth
 Our host at Mt Alford jumping into our pic
 sharon, khris and diana at Bargara
 Sharon eating prawns at Dianas
 Pudding LOL

Anita and Khriss Grandson the cute wee pixie
 Khris and Ash relaxing
 Ash, Diana and Sharon
 Lois having a cuddle
Khris having a cuddle


  1. Great piccies Sharon!! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Glad you got to go as you sure needed that vacation!
    hugs Karen

  2. Ahh...........great pics.........was just re-living the week with you!

  3. Looks like you guys had an awesome time... I so have to come along one yr, maybe it could be a grad prezzie from me to me LOL Though looks like I'd come back weighing a heck of a lot more ... you guys were surly well feed!
    Sharon 2

  4. Lovely photos and so glad you had a wonderful time visiting.