Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clay Eyes

I decided to have another go at making some clay eyes for inserting into my sculpts, although these are just for practice at this point to perfect the process LOL......... so not perfect, but I shall bake them on the weekend a couple of times to see how they hold up to the baking process.    I have used some UV Gel on them to make a dome to give dimension to the eyes so am interested to see how they hold up in the oven as they will need to be able to be baked a couple of times to go into a sculpt.  (these are really tiny so had trouble getting a photo they are only a few millimeters across)  I do not have a matched pair so maybe a cyclops sculpt may be in the future  LOL LOL

The below pic I did on an angle to try and show the doming effect


  1. OMG, they are VERY good. I can't imagine doing anything like this. Kinda spooky though.

  2. Those eyes are very life like Sharon. Very clever indeed. Regards, Nessie

  3. I like them. And I think you should consider using an unmatched pair. You know... like a Siberian Husky?

  4. Wow you are a clever girl, can't imagine making something so tiny, well done Sharon.

  5. These are great Sharon! You do know our eyes aren't perfect either! Once they are covered by lids they will be perfect!! LOL What is UV gel?
    hugs Karen