Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Craft club day out

Have been meaning to post these pics of our craft day out for the past few weeks and keep forgetting LOL will be our next meeting soon so though heck better get these up for show and tell LOL

I made some more eyes on the weekend and they didn't turn out too bad, I will take some photos of them when I can get some good light as they are very small - I want to bake them a couple of times to see how they hold up to the heat as I used a UV gel to make a dome over the iris.... fingers crossed...... Am also working on some hands and feet for the Yoda head that I posted a few posts ago - have an armature on him ready for the hands and feet - just not sure how I am going to pose him yet.....


  1. Ohhhh! How fun! The dolls are realy cute. I just love the sheep...so darling!! Wish I were there for all the fun.


  2. Those sheep are just too cute. Dolls too, but, I really like the sheep.

  3. oh how cool are those sheep, love them and that little dolly with her baby, too cute