Sunday, April 6, 2008

Doll Club

I went to my doll club get together yesterday, we meet on the 1st Saturday of the month. We used to have a meeting at night during the week but this year decided to just meet on a Saturday and have a fun day out instead of having anything formal. So we take some lunch and have lots of cups of tea and coffee ( I stop and get doughnuts) bring any skite and tell that we have and generally have a fun day of laughing and gasbagging........... One of the girls had been to a doll making class with Jill Maas recently and brough along the doll she had made - I was so taken with it I tried to secret it away in my bag to take home.......... I cant remember the name of the doll but it has "Grumpy" in its name, I sure hope Jill puts it out as a pattern.


  1. I love her Sharon - I think that is what I'm going to be like when I am old. I just hope everyone will love me as much as they love 'Grumpy' ... LOL!

  2. Tell your friend that is a fun looking doll! I am sure glad you have some 'doll' buddies to meet with. i really miss my doll making group!
    hugs Karen