Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last update for the weekend

Heres the final update for the weekend, work tomorrow so cant do much more. Was totally peeved to find that after pulling up all the carpet there is horrible tiles underneath - we made an executive decision that we are not going to try and get them up as they are well glued down, its unfortunate as we know that there are good floorboards underneath but it would take so long to try and get them up its just not worth doing it. Someone has given it a try in the kitchen area in the past as we found out when taking the carpet up as there is a hole in the middle of the floor where they have attempted it and will be plan b later on once the walls are cleaned and the holes filled - also need to close in the old coal range there as well...... lots more work to do yet but at least it is now empty and can be attacked with lots of cleaner and hole filler and then paint....... got to keep the vision going LOL........ getting tough at this end of the weekend though.

My lovely neighbour came down today to help us, I dont think we would have got as much done if she hadnt come down and helped rip up the carpet and manned the vacuum cleaner.

Very weird thing in a couple of my photos have these sort of round spots of light in a couple but all the rest are fine, so dont know what happened there, nothing wrong with my lense as all the other photos came out fine taken at the same time........who knows......its a mystery LOL

Start of the day with my lovely neighbour getting all the boxes ready to take away for recycling

bin is pretty full here and we have not got the carpet on yet LOL

Hubby and neighbour getting a handle on the vacuming - 1st photo before we ripped up the carpet - just getting all the cobwebs off the walls etc

Cripes, newspaper under all the carpet heaps of it to get out and the nails, man there were some nails in there, hubby crawled all over the floor finding them and taking them out after the carpeet was ripped up.

Two rooms ready to fix holes etc and get ready for painting (I hope)

Afternoon tea in the fishing hut, cake and coffee


  1. Sharon, it's already 500% on what it was 2 days ago. You must be happy - tired, but happy...LOL!

  2. Sharon... There is so much potential in that studio.. it will come up fabulous...... I am going to save so I can come over and use it too...LOL

    Well done you two and your neighbour as well....

    Cath Ü

  3. How great of your neighbor to help. It doesn't look too bad Sharon. Great potential and I guess they used newspaper instead of cotton or sponge for the padding under the carpet. Really looks good compared to the 'before' pics!
    hugs Karen

  4. Sharon you sure have great neighbors my friend. This room is going to be wonderful. Bet you can not wait to get started creating.
    Hugs, Kat Lees