Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Craft Room soon to be underway

Ok now this is going to be a long post hehe...... as a background we moved into this old place about 7 years ago. The house had been rented by students for a long long time and was not in a very nice state, to give you an indication of what it was like my mum came out to have a look and admitted later on that she had cried all the way home wondering what the "kids" were thinking LOL...

My husband is a builder (hmm what they say about builders homes is true) but he had looked over the house and decided it was very sound and no structural things needed doing just cosmetic stuff so this has become our 10-15 year do up LOL........

When we moved in here there were no garages (and still none either) so we utilised two army sleepouts at the front door and a small cottage behind them as storage....... and as happens we have just kept piling stuff in there until it is a total disaster of boxes of things we have no idea is in them and things that hubby thought would come in useful in the future and well just a heap of rubbish and cobwebs and junk.........and his fishing gear and further junk is in the small cottage..

Next weekend we are finally getting a large bin in and having a big chuckout in the sleepouts and a tidy up........this is so we can move all of the fishing gear and IMPORTANT junk out of the cottage so that I can clean (hmm maybe waterblast) the inside and paint it all up to use as A CRAFT ROOM yipeeeee its going to be a lot of hard work but I have vision and can see that it will be brilliant once painted and cleaned.. There are nice floorboards under the shitty carpet and I will be taking the doors off the cupboards and painting the shelving for storage for my paints........

Soooo I have decided to put up before and after photos as a record of this momentous job..... first though I will show you a couple of pictures of the interior of my house as the pictures following of the mess and junk are shocking LOL....... just so you know that my house is not in the same state as the cottage/sleepouts....... so as you scroll down through the pictures you will see the shocking mess we have to clean up - you have been suitably warned of the graphic pictures you will see further down so look if you dare ROFLMAO

(I will load the pictures as small ones as there are quite a few of them, click on them if you are wanting a larger view............ good luck - I suggest looking at them prior to eating, just in case)

(lounge and dining room, no table and chairs in there LOL just computer and couch and a chair)

(a picture of the view I have from the front window)

This is the only shed we have at the back all our wood is in there for the winter

Now for the horror show

This is the cottage exterior Interior first room (old kitchen)

Second room behind the Looking back to the kitchen from other room
small kitchen

kitchen area

Outside of the storage sleepouts, looks ok from here.........hehe.......dont look further if you have a week stomach.........

Inside of the sleepouts, just a horrible mess, but I have boxes there all ready to go to pack up anything that is ok, hmmm doubt that I will find anything ok in this mess, but you never know..
There are two rooms in here one has a door on it so hubby will put all his gear from the cottage in that one as it will then be lockable, well thats the plan...........its actually a very large space


  1. Hey Sharon, you got your work cut out for you! Bet Cath will still say her's looks worse! LOL Maybe you will find some treasures while you are cleaning stuff out! Just remember that at the end of it you will get a new sewing room!!!
    hugs Karen

  2. woohoo Sharon..golly looks like a treasure hunt in them areas never know what ya might find LOL...gee it will soo kewl to have your own little craft cottage..following the progress of this is going to be so exciting...
    cheers Vickie

  3. geeze not as bad as I was expecting..LOL Half my house looks like that all the time... I am not into housework...LOL

    And no Karen mine doesn't look worse... well I don't think it does...LOL

    Cath Ü

  4. 'Best of British' Sharon, you know what they say about every cloud, it has that silver lining. We,ll all be 'green with envy' once it,s done.
    Irene V. uk